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    Hello,I am looking to have,the Milwaukee Road Iowa and Illinois Division from Coumilwaukee road iowa division madrid,ia 1977.jpgMILW-Op-Div-5-1-77.jpgncil Bluffs,Iowa to Bensenville,Illiinois created I have photo from 1977 of the Milwaukee Road Iowa and Illinois,and photos I can include, any and all help would be appreciated this would be for either Trainz A New Era,or Trainz 2012 my only question would available swing truss bridge like one in Sabula,Iowa and the high bridge, like the one in Madrid,Iowa and a Griswold EM Gate pedestal mount crossing signal with wishbone gate arms,and a queen and king post truss bridge and telephone poles.milw-brisab-bjs.jpggriswold crossing signal with wishbone gate arm.jpg 3.jpg
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    I have someone who is working,on the Milwaukee Road Iowa - Illinois Division route, he is starting the route in Omaha,Ne where the Union Pacific runs, and I will run transfer trains from the Milwaukee Road and the Union Pacific to and from and have the Union Pacific and Milwaukee Road hand off regular freight trains In Council Bluffs,the route will then proceed to Bensenville,Il I have provided photos for him, of the Milwaukee road Iowa and Illinois Division. I am still looking for people to help design the route for Trainz 2012 I am sending some photos, for everyone to look at thanks for all the help it is appreciated,Steve000_0309.JPG underwood,ia.JPG4652.1506005665.jpg422161-M.jpg madrid,ia high bridge milwaukee road iowa division 1978.jpg10657789524_6a020d9a35_b.jpg lenark,il mi;waukee road illinois division.jpg17669396033_81e305030d_b.jpg woodward,iowa.jpg

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