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Thread: The benefits of Mini-Routes

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    I have an MSTS install that holds everything. Routes and trains get installed there first. MSTS doesn't work but the registry entries are there.
    It includes the default routes in case I need to run an installme.bat. Still happens every once in a while.
    It also has a trains folder that has way too many things to keep track of, and some that should just be deleted.
    I also have a few mini installs with routes I'm interested in or am working on.
    I also have a Trains folder with newer/updated equipment/consists that I actually run.
    I use Link Shell Extension to drop a symbolic link for the trains folder in the mini installs.
    So I have one Trains folder that I can drop in anywhere I want it. When I'm done I just delete the link.
    I find it a heck of a lot easier to manage that way.
    I do the same thing with Shapes and Textures in a couple folders that I use for working on detailing routes.
    Placing and deleting an icon is a lot less work than copying/moving folders with thousands of files in them.

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    Hi to all

    thank you for taking the time to reply, there is input from a number of very
    experienced people who have shown their ability over the years and I have
    considered all advice and information and am going to give it a go, I do enjoy
    fixing things including my stuff ups.

    One thing I always say to SWMBO when she is using my PC's "the only thing
    that can damage my PC's are bricks, all else is repairable".

    I have everything backed up in 100% workable state; and what the heck I
    can always get great help here so if it saves me $130.00 on a new, bigger
    HDD it is worth it, it also gives me something to do in the current isolation

    Thanks for all your inputs.



    BTW I am not allowed to go to Townsville to sit this one out.
    Daniel - Sydney (wishing I was in Townsville)

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