Hi All,
MSTS_ActMan v3.7 is now available from the file library (msts_actman.zip).

Previous versions of the program performed the following validations, which don't apply to Open Rails :
1. File names containing more than 30 characters.
2. Case check of Player loco in consist against .eng file's Engine entry.
3. TrainCfg entry in consist file not same as file name.
4. TrPathName entry in path file not same as file name.
5. RouteID in activity file not same as that in .trk file.

If the selected route is NOT within a valid MSTS installation, a checkbox, on the first screen, is automatically ticked and failures of these validations are not reported. A valid MSTS installation is one where the root folder contains file ebueula1.dll (MSTS won't run without it!).

If the user runs full MSTS installations with Open Rails ONLY and they wish to avoid seeing these error messages, the checkbox may be manually ticked by left-clicking it after the route has been selected and BEFORE any checks are selected.

On pressing the START button, the tick is removed from the checkbox.

As always, please report any problems or suggestions through the Forum or by PM.

@Charles : A belated many thanks for your suggestion, but I feel that (a) it's unlikely a user would contact the Forum concurrently with running the program and (b) they may not want to post the whole report. It's a fairly simple procedure to edit the report and just post the relevant part.