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Thread: NS Modern Pack v1

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    From 2014

    CSX has essentially standardised on 432,000lbs as the weight of their modern road power since the AC4400s (#475 iirc and full scale orders of heavy CW44AHs starting with the 500s) and NS has also since been buying it's ES44ACs and SD70ACes at the same 432klbs weight.

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    Southern Railway, not NS, acquired some SD-45s but not many as there were issues with
    the long crankshaft in the diesel prime mover. It tended to twist. Neither SR or NS ever
    had F or FP-45s. I was assigned by the test department to ride the demonstrator SD-45s
    from Alexandria, VA to Spencer and did so taking notes on fuel consumption etc. Really
    nice to take a clipboard & pencil out on the running boards at 60mp, open the side door
    and read a flow meter as it jiggled around.

    J. H. Sullivan

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    Jerry: reminds me of a conversation I had somewhere along the line. Railroaders in general are fine with railfans or hobos but if you really want to make them nervous, show up at a yard and pull out a clipboard and start writing.

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