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Thread: Reinstalled TRS19 with success

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    Default Reinstalled TRS19 with success

    Some time ago I mentioned here that I uninstalled TRS19 North American Edition due to performance issues.
    With nothing happening in the Run8 community and wanting to do something with a train simulation program, I decided to give TRS19 with the release of service pack 1 another go. Installing TRS19 North American Edition is fairly painless since its initial install is only 8GB. Once installed and restarted it offered the update (2GB - Build 105096 ) and installed fairly quickly.
    With TRS19 reinstalled I still had some performance issues, so I decided to updated Nvidia drivers (Version 446.1) which I haven't done in a while since everything else was running okay by my standards. With the new graphics drivers installed I did a bit further investigation into settings, both for my computer and my ASUS 165hz G-Sync monitor (VG278QR) and have discovered a few things which are contributing toward better performance. After looking at some YouTube videos on Nvidia settings I did the following settings with some interesting results.

    Nvidia Settings

    1 Turn off G-Sync - ( No screen tearing present in any of my games since the refresh rate probaly compensates )
    2 Max Frame Rate - ( ON and set to 90 FPS )
    3 Power Management Mode ( Optimal Power )
    4 Threaded Optimization ( Auto )
    5 Vertical Sync ( OFF )

    TRS19 Launcher/Settings Tabs


    Vertical Sync ( OFF ) - ( I belive that Half = 30fps, Full = 60fps, None = Unlimited ? )

    Performance Settings

    Shadow Quality = Medium
    Main Shadow Resolution = 2048
    Shader Quality = Standard
    Texture detail = Normal
    Post Processing = High
    Water Quality = High
    Detail Scenery = Clutter and TurfFX ( Turning both on is why I have my shadow quality and resolution set at medium and 2048 )
    Antialiasing = 8X
    Detail Update Rate = High

    Use Texture Streaming = On ( Turning off seems to produce some lag/stutter )
    Use PhysX simulation = Off ( In Nvidia settings set to your graphics card )
    Process objects behind camera = Off ( Turning this off doesn't seem to effect visuals too bad, for instance using Kickstarter County 2 route (182 Boards) when I travel forward and then spin around I get minor popup and very small rendering on far distance objects, but nothing very distracting.

    In-Game Settings

    Maximum Draw Distance = 6000 (This distance in combination with turning off process objects behind camera, gives equal amounts of popup etc moving forward and turning around, again nothing too distracting.)
    Scenery Detail = High
    Tree Detail = High
    Post-Processing = High ( Same setting as in Launcher Settings, setting to low in either panels will reduce particle effects simulation etc, such as sparkle on water but still look good. )

    Below is a link showing a picture of Kickstarter County 2 route with my settings. ( Note - only minor CPU and Graphics Card fan speed increase with these settings)

    I believe where I went wrong with the settings on my previous drivers was enabling G-Sync in combination with Vertical Sync set to on in the Nvidia panel and having Vertical Sync on as well in TRS19 resulting in overkill.
    For my computer it seems that maintaining smooth frame rates with no lag is better done by capping the frame rate through the Nvidia panel settings which is working better than enabling any of the Vertical Sync settings in games etc.
    This has also given me better performance in games as well such as ETS2, Dirt Rally 2, with improved FPS and no stutter. The settings I have chosen give a good balance between visuals and performance with TRS19 now being very stable and usable.
    Perseverance has paid off and now its time to build some model railway layouts in Trainz.



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    Glad it's working for you. I just upgraded my video card and now I have everything ultra with few if any performance issues. It's not as demanding as I expected. Should work pretty good in the relatively flat portions of Niagara. As for the escarpment, we I'll have to see when I get my mainline down that far

    You mentioned Run8 and honestly I ran it for the first time in ages. I now have a grey dot because I have a new motherboard and C drive.
    But with graphics maxed out I didn't notice much different. Just curious, anyways Trainz is my passion now.



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