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Thread: MSTS/OR Metro Route India

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    Default MSTS/OR Metro Route India

    Hi everyone,
    I wanted to create a route for MSTS/OR dedicated to Metro (Delhi Metro) and need some help, regarding terrain, objects etc. if anyone is interested to help me please contact me (email: [email protected])

    Also need some models for Delhi Metro...

    Your Help Will Be Much Appreciated
    Kind Regards,

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    Building a metro route for a city??? To make it look nice will take a lot of effort and time to create the environment

    I would suggest just using flat tiles as Delhi mostly is flat and custom make any small hills or cuts there may be. Having a generally flat plain will go a long way to help make it easier to do the scenery

    I don't think there are any Delhi metro coaches around, but memu units can be found in the download section

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