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Thread: SP/DRGW/SSW Tunnel Motors (Preview)

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    Lightbulb SP/DRGW/SSW Tunnel Motors (Preview)

    I'm proud to present a preview of some Southern Pacific/Cotton Belt and Rio Grande tunnel motors for Open Rails. This was a project I started nearly 5 years ago and last released an update back in 2017. While the updated ones in 2017 were good, I certainly do not think I did the engines justice. With the Corona keeping everyone inside and with nothing to do, I decided to revive the project and have it be better than ever.

    The engines listed will be SD40T-2s, snoot nose SD40T-2s, and SD45T-2s. They will be prototypical to their IRL counterparts. I also threw in the Bicentennial Unit 9389 for fun... This time I have also made corrections to the light definitions so the rear light aren't on when hooked up to other units. Sounds and Cabviews will be the same as the last update. ONE MORE THING BEFORE I CONTINUE: THE ORIGINAL SHAPES AND TEMPLATES WERE CREATED BE DICK COWEN. His tunnel motor set is here on the file library: . I only edited the textures for the models. These were freeware and will continue to be freeware.

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