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Thread: converting texture to alpha layer in the shape file.

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    Default converting texture to alpha layer in the shape file.

    I'm working with a shape file that has no textures with an alpha layer, all are SolidNorm. I want to alpha out a part, so I've introduced a texture that is a solid alpha texture, 8 pixels by 8 pixels. Shape Viewer gives me a "Subscript out of range error. What could I be doing wrong?

    I've been changing the prim state from the first prim state format below to the second.

    prim_state Manhole_SolidNorm ( 00000000 0
    tex_idxs ( 1 6 ) 0 41 0 0 1
    prim_state PlatformRailings_TransNorm ( 00000000 1
    tex_idxs ( 1 17 ) 0 42 1 0 1

    I see nothing wrong there. I'm pretty sure there isn't a problem with the added alpha texture. changing the tex_idxs to a previously existing texture still breaks.

    Is there something else I need to change since the file does not include any earlier references to alpha layer files?


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    I'm not an expert on these matters, but here is one thing to try:

    While editing the shape, at the very top there is a section called "shader_names". Within this section, is there a shader labeled BlendATexDiff? Try to replace the shader with this BlendATexDiff and see what happens. I seem to remember doing this when changing the prim_states on the SLI locomotive repaints.


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    Not sure if this link works as I hoped, but you want to check out Burgerberns reply #9. I think you need to make sure if you introduce a new mode like alpha that youve updated the shader names section of the s file.

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