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Thread: Any good fictional routes out there?

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    Default Any good fictional routes out there?

    As the title says, I'm just wondering if there are any fictional routes either for OR or made for MSTS and playable in OR that you people would recommend.

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    I'd recommend the Port Ogden and Northern.

    Then, install:

    Do NOT install the replacement .eng and .wag files.

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    I have 2 recommendations:

    1. - Modern Version Of La Salle, Rockford & Central
    2. + + - Northwest Line Version 6.0 (cn/cp Stuff)

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    Fictional? Seaview is one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince View Post
    Fictional? Seaview is one.
    I already have that one and I love it. Vintage Island is my favorite island by a long shot.

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    Try Fantasii v2.0. It's a fictional route you might enjoy. Also there are 2 activity downloads for it.
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    ADFRR: A Dual-Fictional Railroad. My favorite version was the Cascade & North Western. There were many activities built for that route as a "virtual railroad" system. Though that has since closed down, I think the activities might still be available somewhere on the net, maybe at the NERR site? They made great use of "invisocars" for radio transmissions, which, sadly, is no longer supported by Open Rails. It renders a number of the activities unplayable, but not all of them.


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    I always found the La Salle route to be a good one, it's not too long, but provides a lot to work with, for a shortline based railroad, or even a regional, that is co-owned by a class one in order to have what it has for infrastructure.

    While not fictional, I have used the Dominion Atlantic Route as stand in for other railroads, and even to the point of recreating the line as if it never got abandoned, but still ran as the modern day Kentville & Eastern Rail Company.

    Rattlesnake Pass, as well as Full Bucket Line, were another pair of decent desert southwestern style fictional railroad locations.

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