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Thread: Getting back to a childhood hobby (route list)

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    Default Getting back to a childhood hobby (route list)

    Hello all,

    I've recently had an itch to get back into MSTS for the first time since I was a teen. I've been reading around the forums about updates to MSTS and now Open rails and it's awesome to see. I'm looking to put together a list of routes both freeware and payware to start out with. I have the following that I would like to try but would love suggestions on others I may not have heard about.

    Pocahontas District
    Horshoe Curve
    Atlanta & Macon
    Conrail Indy
    CSX Florida Funnel Route
    Cajon Pass
    Seligman Sub

    Like I said i'm open to both payware and freeware and i'm most interested in East Coast Freight Routes but i'd love to hear about any North American routes!

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    Just as I was told about once more, why not try out The Freeware Free-Lanced LaSalle,Rockford, & Central Railroad ( LSR&C )? It does fill in most gap areas, & the work on its scenery is awesome! The Freeware Surfliner Route's also an awesome Route to have! Its scenery is also up there! Why not SAL's ( CSXT today ) FL Route ( Tampa,FL-Oxford,FL based on The S-Line in the 60s, but could be used today as well ). And by the same guy who'd done The NS's AtL-Macon,GA Route you listed, try his NS Birmingham Route! There's just several others ( way too many to list ), it just depends on your taste+demands on what you want to run & equipment you want to use. I wasn't active in MSTS nor' ORTS myself for about 5 Years due to a Computer crash, but it's been way worth the wait, & ORTS does seem to be better+more flexiable.

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    Another route that's stood the test of time is Rick Bergs Monon. And OR loves it.
    Also all of the Milwaukee RMD routes here in the FL.


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    I really enjoy Rich Garber's work, he has the ability to make
    routes and activities really immersive.

    Canton, Cumberland, Ohio Rail, East Metro



    Daniel - Sydney (wishing I was in Townsville)

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    If you want to take a look at a payware made for Open Rails, Equipment (with OR physics) and activities included try this:
    Montana Rail Link - Mullan Pass Route
    *** important: Follow installation instructions precisely.

    Also download the free Starter Route, which includes the latest stable version of OR.

    Freeware from the library here:
    Blue Comet Line
    ORTS CN Blackfoot Summer Edition V1 created by Rory Rice
    agree with recommendations about the MONON, Horseshoe Curve.

    Also - important - Do Not install routes, equipments, everything "trainsim" in the protected windows folders. Install ( except for the OR payware from Train Simulations ) into a directory -- for example: C:\TrainStuff --- or any name that makes sense to you.
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