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Thread: Open Rails Passenger View

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBrinjal View Post
    Hi everyone.

    This morning I saw something I couldn't do in Open Rails
    How to move in Passenger view? Using the Page Up and Page Down keys we can move left and right. But how to move forward or backward. I am asking this because I saw in some youtube videos that we can move like this. But I have no idea how to do this.

    Sorry if this seems like a stupid question
    See my posts #6 & #7 in this thread.

    The Number keypad 9 moves the view forward and 3 moves it back.

    No number keypad? Don't know.

    Hope that brings the topic back from Raildriver.....
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    Found the solution.
    It was Alt + Arrow keys.
    Alt + < moves left, Alt + ^ moves up, and so on.
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