Hi, guys!

I have recently started a new repaint project, with the aim of creating several SD70ACe and SD70M-2 locomotives for the ORTS.

I currently have four different versions that I am planning to release, with the work on the first one on the list almost finished:

- Providence & Worcester SD70M-2 in the original brown and red paint scheme

- Providence & Worcester SD70M-2 in the newer, Genesee and Wyoming paint scheme

- Vermont Railway SD70M-2

- Union Pacific SD70ACe "Powered by our People" unit

The base model I am currently using is the SD70ACe from the Mullan Pass route. I am, however, planning to buy their NS Heritage set, as these locomotives have headlights above the windshield, so I will then determine the most appropriate model for each of the locomotives.

While there are going to be some discrepancies between the appearance of the real models and their digital counterparts, I believe the overall result will be more than satisfying (just like with my AC44C6M repaints).

The work on the P&W has been almost finished and I am going to show you some screenshots later today, or tomorrow.