This is the second segment of the 1995 Westbound Southwest Chief. After arriving in Ft Madison, IA about 70 minutes behind schedule you will continue your journey to Los Angeles on the Marceline Sub. You'll be following a mixed manifest out of Ft Madison, however the dispatcher has informed you that he will route the freight over the south main and allow you to make a running pass before you get to your first station stop at La Plata, MO. So you'll have to keep to the speed limit. After La Plata, you'll continue west and IF you've passed the freight, he'll follow you all the way to KC. There's lots of traffic on the Marceline Sub tonight, including two Norfolk Southern freights you'll meet over a small section of joint trackage west of the Marceline station stop. There is one small section of single track that you'll have to contend with about 30 miles east of KC. The weather is clear, and the objective is to see if you can make up time on the schedule.

I have to place a few static consists, and run a couple of more tests.

Coming Soon.