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Thread: Help required : TS & Win10 file permission problem

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    Unhappy Help required : TS & Win10 file permission problem


    I have a bit of a poser here regarding something I've been doing for years that is no longer working.

    I am trying to use reskins as I have for many years but it appears that TS-Tools and TS2021 are not able to access the files that I have installed via .rwp

    You can clearly see (below) that the file/path exists and I've changed all railworks permissions for "Users" to full control but still the problem persists.

    If anybody can help or has any suggestions that would be appreciated.

    Thank you. Danny

    Missing Files.JPG

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    Most likely the files properties are set to Read Only as TS-Tools ignores them as it can't extract them with Serz.exe - you can change them to Read/Write with TS-Tools, or with File Explorer.
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