Hello, I am getting confused while using this fine editor, for the most part it works great - for some Routes. I went to utilize it with the SLI Mactier Route, specifically the new Activity CP 5826 and found that ONLY the Loose Consists show up. I found this also with activities in Bala 2.0 & Allegheny, but Surfliner shows all properly as does NEC.

Is there a "Setting" that I am not aware of? I tried looking up usage of TSRE5 Consist Builder in Help but had no luck with this issue. It is a nice working program, that is relatively easy to use, but why is it not reading ALL Activity Consists? I have version TSRE5_V0.698. Strange that ConBuilder picks up all the consists as well as the loose consists, but I have found TSRE5 CE easier and faster loading.

Any help would be appreciated.