In 48 years of experience with PC with internal HHDs I have only had one experience with an HD failure and that was with my the 15 year old system I am posting from now. Luckily this system is configured as a Raid 1 (2 640GB HDs) for the boot drive and 6 other HDs from 500GB to 4TB plus a 256GB SSD. The failed HD was one of the Raid 1 HDs all I had to do was swap the connections to another HD and rebuild the Raid from the other Raid 1 HD. Only problem was that by then there were no 640GB HDs available so I bought the same model 1TB HD and used just 640GB of the 1TB. BTW my first experience 48 years ago was an IBM XT running DOS 3.1 with a whopping 10MB HD. Total cost of over $4000 (but not my $s). This 15 year old system has also had a failed power supply and the pump for the liquid CPU cooler has failed. But it still runs. Yes, I have bought newer systems in the last 15 years but they were laptops and the latest being a Microsoft Surface. Since buying the Surface 17 months ago I have decided to never buy another laptop.

Before someone asks why have 6 other drives 2 internal and 4 external: It was for backup. This system (Cyberpower AMD Phenom II 3.2ghz) was purchased for my Investment Advisory business as well as to use with MSTS. Had to have customer data well backed up. Rotated 4 HDs mounted externally in a 2 slot SATA adapter via USB. Periodically removed HDs to a safe and replaced with one from the safe. As I accumulated more and more MSTS add-ons, I got another 2 slot SATA adapter for using one HD for storing MSTS Downloads and another to backup my MSTS install(s). Once I got the SSD all my MSTS installs were moved to the SSD.

Maybe next year: New desktop. i9 with 2 2TB SSDs in Raid1, and 1TB SSD for MSTS/ORTS.