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    Question SAL and ACL

    Forgive since I rarely post but im looking for some SAL, ACL and SCL unit's all i see are some from awhile ago i do have the GP7 Pack, GP9 Pack and GP18 Pack and the 1 GP40 for SAL as the GP40 Pack is broken for me, 0 for ACL and the SCL GP7 Pack, 2 GP16's from Tyler, 1 Deko SD35 and 2 U36C's. beside here is there a place to pick up some freeware ACL, SAL and SCL units?

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    Just an fyi - Although not freeware, but I'd recommend the site. They have a great ACL pack, with a variety of engines and rolling stock. They also carry a SAL pack and SCL pack, with jeeps and older F units. Additionally, their "group" engine packs (SD35's, GP35's, etc.) carry the RR's you've requested.

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    Have to agree, BLW (Valleypass) has some real good SAL, SCL and ACL freight units. Unfortunately, there's not much anywhere as to Passenger operations that's up-to-date, payware or freeware. There was an SCL passenger train set on the 3DTrains website, don't know whether it's still there.
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