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Thread: Tier-4 Locomotive Mega-Pack (ft. BNSF, CN, CSXT, GECX and UP)

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    Sorry that my earlier link didn't work. Here is one from Railpictures showing CN3105--a whaleback. Again, not my photo, but for illustration of a whaleback unit.

    A bit more background. The original "square top" ET-44 exhaust assemblies had clearance issues on CSX. A running production change was made, adopting the "whaleback" exhaust assembly design to solve the problem. Since the change was made in the middle of building ET-44 orders, blocks of locomotives ordered by the railroads could have either the original or whaleback design. I've done renumber repaints for my own use of some "original exhaust" ET-44 locomotives available here on TSim. Whenever I do, I look up prototype photos of the locomotive no. of my proposed repaint to make it sure it's one of the original exhaust designs.

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