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    Default Custom design

    Checking out videos, I found this.
    Interested in all Train-Sims

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    Identical implementation to the editors seen in racing games like Forza Motorsport or Test Drive Unlimited. With skilled masking and a lot of patience, you can recreate almost anything. I recreated a racing livery Porsche 944 in Forza, as well as a Subaru Rally Team Impreza in TDU2. Also did a few police cars in Midnight Club: LA. Forza in particular had a huge marketplace where you could find pretty much any logo you wanted, as well as full liveries, licence plates, and other fun stuff to use in your creations.

    What is disappointing (but not surprising, because DTG) is there's only one font in their editor! This means any other typeface you want to use, you have to make yourself, painstakingly, with the various shapes in the editor. This can absolutely gobble up the number of individual layers you're allowed to place.

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