G'day all, I use the "unstable" version of OpenRails and had very few issues until last week when the trees were weird colours and there was (as best as I can describe) an extreme locust plague, these critters were hopping allover the place, so I back dated to the previous version I had used and all was back to normal.
This morning I had another cautious go at updating (I have several installs of OR for varying purposes) leapt forward 20 versions and WOW what a difference, The scenery looked really great and the locust plague was gone, there was a hit to frame rates but seems to have no negative affect on the running of the sim. This gives me encouragement to fix up my newer PC (it died some time back) and maybe even tweek it a bit and see how OR goes on it.
All in all a great advancement (after a couple of stumbles) so I must thank the OR team for their fantastic work, it is much appreciated.
Regards and thanks.