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Thread: Sketchup questions

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    Make sure you haven't used components or groups. Those don't get handled by the exporter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eolesen View Post
    Make sure you haven't used components or groups. Those don't get handled by the exporter.

    HUH?? You need to provide the context for that statement as both export w/o any fuss. MSTS cannot handle groups but AFAIK has never had a problem w/ components. OR handles both.

    To manage poly counts in SU you must be using components so as to create a boundary beyond which lines won't create vertexes wherever the cross and/ or end relative to other objects.

    Get and use the plugins called Clean up which will remove lose ends of lines and Fredo Tools which has a remove lonely vertex function.
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    Huh. I've never been able to get components to work with v8.

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    Umm, yeah. Like Eric, I have had no luck exporting components, Sketchup8, and the original 2.0 plugin from the library here.

    No idea why you can't get groups into MSTS RE, Dave. Some rules I've learned regarding them by way of the School of Hard Knocks, Sketchup Campus:

    Max number of groups: 24 and the main.

    As the number of groups goes up, the max number of Polys (Tris) per group goes down.

    In models with 4 groups or less, Max number of Polys per group: just less than 2500

    Don't put a group inside a group. If we had a way to define the Hierarchy with Sketchup, that would probably then work. We can't so it doesn't.

    Don't group the entire model. Only way to select it again is to edit the w file. ( like, delete it, and go back to sketchup to ungroup the entire model and re-export.)

    Sketchup models with more than 9900 polys will never place in the MSTS RE, no matter what.

    Sketchup models in excess of 7000 polys begin having missing polys (tris) unless a handful of groups are used.

    Doug Relyea
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