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    Hello Senior Members
    Thanks for your continuous support as always.

    I Have some questions about TSRE.
    1) After adding new routes , how to update TSRE as selecting Trainset folder again at start is taking long time. ( I waited approx 1 Hr but still load option not coming.Snapshot attached for reference)
    2) Which is the best version of TSRE. I am using v0.6934

    Actually i added new routes which had some consist broken problem as shown in Open Rails but TSRE shows 0 broken consist. So i had to do this.

    Please help.

    Thank You
    With Best Regards
    Sumit Mehrotra
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    TSRE v0.698.1

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    The image indicates one location where routes are found. You must then select this location
    to get the individual route titles to appear. This is because it is possible to have TSRE work
    on routes spread across several hard drives in which case, each location having routes would
    be displayed. In my case I have routes existing on 3 different hard drives and so when I
    run TSRE this screen appears listing all 3 locations, which I previously identified to TSRE.
    Then I can select any of the 3 locations and it will bring up all the route titles in that location.

    J. H. Sullivan

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    If TSRE CE stopped working after you installed new routes, there must be a broken activity in your new route. TSRE CE loads all activities on startup. Try finding broken one by looking into log.txt.
    Also, use TSRE 0.699.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GokuMK View Post
    Also, use TSRE 0.699.
    - autoFix function. TSRE will remove all broken objects if autoFix is set to true in settings.txt
    - new error detected by TSRE - signal linked to wrong trackNode
    Here is link >>>===>
    Thank you Goku. I hope you are well and staying safe.

    best regards,
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