Goku mentioned an error function in TSRE and there is a tool for opening a window for it
in later releases of TSRE, but I have no clue as to how it is to be actually used. There
are two locations in the Virginian route that crash to desktop and the hope was that this
function might point to what the problem is, or might be.

Can someone supply instructions as to how this function is to be used, and what sort of
errors might be detected? Since TSRE or ORTS do not crash at these points, but MSTS
does, the plan is to complete the route as a ORTS/TSRE only route, but it would be
better to correct these errors if they can be found. Several years ago there was a
similar error on the Tallahassee Sub. route and our late colleague, Otto, in England
found out quickly what it was but I can find no reference to his comments in the forums.

Given that TSRE does not crash at the points where MSTS does, I got to wonder if TSRE
even recognizes the presence of an error.

J. H. Sullivan
(aka landnrailroader)