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Thread: MRL Mullan Pass track chart

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    Default MRL Mullan Pass track chart


    For anyone running the TrainSimulations MRL Mullan Pass route, I found a detailed track chart (dated 1997) in my download archives which is really convenient to get to know the route in combination with the information provided in the manual. I uploaded it here:

    However, for the life of me I can't remember where I originally got this from, and can't help but wonder if such charts exist for the other MRL subdivisions. Anyone got a clue?


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    Thank You for sharing this.

    Have a good one

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    You're welcome. Also this BN map published by the Montana Department of Transportation is great for orientation.

    I added it to the track chart since the MDT website is only accessible from the US.

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    I did try open this link, it gave me "Page not served" error.
    I did download this pdf file and it say it is corrupted or invaild pdf format.

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    I got it ok.

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    Yes, the website does not work outside the US, so I added the map to the archive on my Mega drive. If you re-download the archive you should see it. It's not super high quality but it shows all lines in Montana (NP/GN/MILW) which nicely complements the route's manual.

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