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    G'day all. I was using the search and it gave me an incorrect result.
    I have been trying to use there registration and there contact link but neither work.
    What I was looking for is:-
    They were according to their search in supposed to be in but instead there were two locos WAP7DUR.eng and WAG931200.eng.
    Can any one tell me where I can find:-memuFV_b.eng and memucoach_b.wag please.
    If push comes to shove I will just have use some other stock but I do like to use the originals if possible.

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    Hi Barrie

    Indianrailsim is correct. The file in the library here does contain the items you are looking for.

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    G'day Merv, yes I re-downloaded the file just now and you are correct but yesterday I downloaded that very file and it gave me the locos I described above, I tried to send you the zip file I originally downloaded but it said the file was too big. I don't know what is happening but I have both files both exactly the same name but different contents, maybe it is aliens who knows.????? I suppose all's well that ends well.

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