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    Hi guys,

    I have a .zip-file with 50 Centerbeams. Unfortunately I need the TTX_Centerbeam1.s and TTX_CenterbeamMT.s from the first BNSF-SCENIC route. But they don't exist anymore.
    That's why I asked SLI / TS whether it was still possible to get the route, of course against payment.
    I used the official way via the support / help desk. The whole thing was on October 8th, 2020.
    Unfortunately I haven't received an answer to this day. It would be enough for me if someone answered: Dear train simmer, we are sorry, but that no longer exists.

    I just wanted to mention it.

    Have a nice evening and stay healthy.
    I hope, the Community can understand my posts.


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    Hi Michael,
    It's a pity you've not heard back from Trainsimulations, but have you checked your SPAM/Junk folder?

    Besides that, Scenic Sub v1.0 hasn't been available for a long time, maybe a few years - the files are dated 2006!


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    If it contained some Stimson, Riley Creek and Abitibi Bowater loads, that was probably my pack from way back when that was put up on Trackside productions, gone since around 2011 or so.

    I wouldn't bother with securing such an outdated shape, rather I would just transplant the lumber load part over to the current centerbeam car shape. I was able to do that, but the load texture took some stretching to produce a 4 tier load onto a car mapped for a 6 tier load.

    This is the West Fraser load from Scenic 1 put on the car from Scenic 2

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