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Thread: MLT Niagara Corridor Route problem, bad Dynamic track joint

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    Default MLT Niagara Corridor Route problem, bad Dynamic track joint

    I only started with this pastime in 2017.
    I purchased a few routes from MLT as I was familiar with the geography. I really like the routes.
    I finally began to pursue the Activities and found a Track error in the London Yard in Niagara Corridor (Dundas Sub). On Race Course Yard Track 3, near the West end, I have a bad Dynamic Track joint that causes derailment crashes . It is obvious under Activity CN 584 London Switcher which uses that section of track. I can complete the activity if I avoid that section.
    If I repair the track with Route Editor, the track is fine, but nearly all the Activities 'break' and the cars and engines start acting jumpy.

    Is there a track database repair step to do somehow??

    I have installed this on 4 different PC's, Win XP, Win7 and Win10. It always has the same problem. The latest Niagara upgrade (6) has same effect for me.
    My setups have the latest XTracks and Tsections, I can find.
    I realize, often Routes and Activities have errors in them, and I have had some success finding and repairing them to work for my use. However, sometimes these things stall me.
    I can post a screenshot of the problem if that helps.
    Any advice?

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    It doesn't look like a bad joint but rather a bad switch in the TDB. If you back down 3 in OR, you come to an abrupt stop as if you hit a bumper post. Tear apart a route from 2002? No, just tag the switch as OOS in your activity bulletins.

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    OK, I think I understand what you are saying. I just flag the siding as broken and avoid it. Is that correct?
    Thank you sir.

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    Repairing the track probably broke the paths. You might be able to repair them using the OR track viewer.

    Or just tag the switch as out of service as suggested. Happens all the time in the real world, just adds a little challenge to switching the yard.

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