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    Of late, whenever I start TS the scenery seems to take a lot longer to load than it used to; I haven't changed any settings so is it possible that the latest update has caused this laxity.

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    OK......Well, it may not be settings or a update. First off, did you edit a route(s) recently? Add any track, signals, buildings, scenery items, car strings in yards or sidings a test train, etc? All those can drag it down and make it take longer to load. Second, does it do it all the time? For whatever reason, mine will take around 8-10 minutes to entirely load first start of the day. After that, unless I turn the computer off, the sim loads in 3-4 minutes, sometimes less. I work entirely off line. Not a update fanboy. DTG tends to break stuff more often then fix when it comes to updates.

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    I'm online all of the time and my boot time for the game is just under a minute to first screen, about forty seconds to the drive menu and a large route takes about 20-25 seconds to load. i5 with 16 megs of RAM. My Railworks folder is 365GB.

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