I am not familiar with this message that popped up on the screen after launching the program of Open Rails Monogame version on my desktop. The route is Powder River Basin and the activity is BNSF 7526 North which was created by Bob Pickering. Here is the message below about essential file below:

Open Rails NewYear MG (unofficial) _ U2020.10.16-1021 Rev. 80

( X ) An essential file is missing and Open Rails cannot continue.


Anyway I just checked the consist in Conbuilder and show me no errors with this consist but the train consist is a little different than the one above with just " UPSP.con "

The actual train consist is UPSP 175 + 2 lds dpu.con

I have all of these rolling stock including the locomotives from Streamlines.

I wonder if something to do with the sound files because I never bother to put the sound files in each rolling stock including the locomotives.

Thank you,