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Thread: Southwest Chief #3 for Marceline Sub Problem?

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    Default Southwest Chief #3 for Marceline Sub Problem?

    Hello all, I just downloaded this new activity to continue my trek with Amtrak #3. Now I have a few questions;

    I went to Con-Builder to adjust some of the consists, I do not have all the required files but I have substitutes. It only shows Three Consists! and NO Loose Consists. All the consists are in the route file but only 3 show up. In TSRE5 Consist editor I can access them all separately and do the changes. One quick question here, how do I "Insert" a car into the consist? I can add to either end, and using the random command does not put it into the proper place.

    Ok, now the previous Activity File was 93KB, this one is very short, only 4KB. Am I missing something? I downloaded it twice and it came out the same way both times. I installed into the Marceline Route folders as needed. The rest of the folders seem to be correct, Paths, Services, etc.

    Ok, I started the Activity and the first problem came up immediately, Station Timing! See pic:
    Amtrk #3 Marceline Station Times.jpg
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