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    Hello, I am new here, and I am having trouble using TSRE Consist builder for Open Rails. I open up the file and I am unable to select a consist or locomotive to edit. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I assume you are running TSRE in consist edit mode, not the route/activity editing mode? There should be a file names consisteditor.bat in the TSRE installation folder. It basically runs TSRE with the --conedit switch.

    When you first start TSRE Consist Builder you need to select a folder where the TRAINS directory resides. It should look something like this. (In my case I have multiple miniroutes that my routes and trains are divided among)
    TSRE consist editor.jpg

    Do you see something like this? It may not have the list of recent directories as mine has.

    Once you have that screen, either select one of the recents or select "browse" to find the location where your TRAINS folder resides. If it is a default MSTS installation it is usually under "...\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator".
    Once you load that directory you should see a list of consist and locos/wagons. If you do not see this then you are not pointing at a valid TRAINS folder.

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