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Thread: CSX (L&N) Knoxville Division

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    I also look forward to your work, Jerry. I took a couple of short rides on here today, you did a remarkable job and the instructions you put in were easy and straightforward to utilize. There are some points to retouch, but a Great Job Done!
    This Route INSTALLS - RUNS & LOOKS GREAT! Thank you so much for your efforts.
    Now for the "Ones in the know, and have the Ability", how about some Activities as well as Consists.

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    Jerry, where can I find M-Tracks? I've searched for a specific download in the file library here, but although I get plenty of information about your routes, as well as x-tracks, a specific download for M-tracks doesn't seem to be available.

    Any suggestions?
    - Chris N.
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    A copy of Mtracks is included with the route download, and it's also separately available in the library as

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    I have just started on that route, in parallel with completing the track for the
    Eastern Ky Division of L&N (Subdivision of CSX). I have extended the L&N
    up to the former PRR bridge over the Ohio R. I won't do much detail of the
    Louisville end, north of Osbourne yard, but I will detail some of the Nashville

    I've also created the Nashville Terminal as a separate route since I will use
    it on this route, as well as for the Chattanooga line and possible the Henderson
    sub. I'm not getting any younger, so I may put some of my routes in the
    "incomplete" area with just tracks & perhaps some roads in them, so that
    real masochists can tackle the details.

    Jerry Sullivan
    (aka landnrailroader)

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