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    Two Alcos lead this Delaware & Hudson consist (C424 & RS11) but EMD is also represented as an ex-Lehigh Valley GP38-2 serves in the trailing position of the power lashup. These 'pre-Guilford' D&H images were recorded at an undocumented location.

    - Activity inspired in part by content from: 'The D&H, B&M & MEC Before Guilford' by Preston Cook

    Locos: BLW/ZT + TrainSim F/L ... Consist: BLW/ZT + TrainSim F/L + MLT ... Route: L&HR/1940s

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    You know, everybody has done some screenshots, and they usually fall into some pleasing or not-so-pleasing categories...however, when I take the time to view yours, they are always curiously satisfying. I say "curiously" not because they are in themselves curious, but because I just cannot articulate why they are always so pleasant to look at .... maybe it's the historical approach, or how you compose them...anyway...always a delight. Thanks for the effort in putting them together.
    Cheers, Gerry
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    Man, that's a route I haven't ran in a long time. Nice shots!

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