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Thread: Changing Trainset Folder Path

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    I have a full MSTS install that's probably 10-15 years old that has 152 routes and 12500 pieces of rolling stock. It gets moved to a new, bigger, hard drive every once in a while. It's on the H drive.
    I also have three SSDs of various sizes that I have several routes in various folders, some for running and some for work stuff.
    On one of these SSDs, the T drive, I have a TRAINS folder that includes the CONSISTS and TRAINSET folders that I put the "good stuff" in. I link this one to routes on any of the other drives.
    I also have a Master Shapes and Textures folder that I can drop links to for a few projects on other drives.
    Saves gigabytes of drive space.

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    Thank you everyone for your input. I will try out using symbolic links to see if it works

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