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Thread: finding is often hard to do.

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    Default finding is often hard to do.

    G'day all, I have been installing Indian routes and activities for a while now and have on occasions found it hard to find the required stock. I wish to give a sincere thank you to those who have come to my aid with both links and suggested tools to do the job or with suggestions ar advice on swapping out unfound stock. You have all been a great help and have brought back to me some of the skills I had all but forgotten.
    Regards and a hearty thank you to you all.

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    Hi Barrie

    I add my thanks to the many people who assist with solutions to problems, what ever they are.

    But I would also add that the Act writers would assist with more precise info on required stock and
    where to get it, file names would be great. Many act writers do this

    It seems to me that more enthusiasts would download and run the acts if it were easier to find the stock,
    why go to the trouble of writing and sharing an act if only a few can run it because of difficulty in finding stock.

    Okay, I'll get off my soap box now....


    Daniel - Sydney (wishing I was in Townsville)

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