Well looking at the Despatcher Board(s), it should be possible by my reckoning to do a circular trip without reversing. Run down from Barstow via the BNSF line through San Bernardino round the curves by LA Union Station and back out via the SP line (Alhambra) to run back up their side of Cajon, thence via Palmdale to pick up Tehachapi to Bakersfield or just slide back over to the BNSF line and run back towards Seligman. So when I eventually add Fresno, means you should be able to run Seligman - Barstow - LA (via BNSF) - Barstow (via SP) - Palmdale - Mojave - Bakersfield - Fresno. What a railtour! If 3DTS eventually give us a steamer or an Alco set, that would be an even bigger treat!