I believe a great many people, myself included, owe Vern a debt of gratitude for his efforts with his site and spreading the word about the nascent train simulator genre, and in English (as opposed to German, Japanese, or Polish, for example)

I was desperate for a train driving game my entire childhood (we even asked the folks at the London Transport Museum if they had ever considered releasing a home version of the excellent simulators they had exhibited in the mid-90s, of an 1890 C&SLR electric locomotive and a modern train which I think was either 1973 or 1992 stock, both with replica cab controls in the exhibits themselves) and Densha de GO! on the PS1 was the first I found.

I'd have never known about others like BVE and Mechanik, nor ended up with Trainz CE and MSTS on launch day if not for Vern's Rail Pages. The rest is history!