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Thread: western railways scenery update's

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    Default western railways scenery update's

    G'day all, there are two of these updates, one is I believe for western railways V2 and the other for western railways V2-V6 Is this correct?

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    Yeah sir, but I suggest you download western railways v7 from the description of this video:
    First you have to subscribe to that channel before clicking on the drive link.
    Then request access and it will be provided.

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    G'day, I have V7 but not all activities will port up to V7, so I still use V2 origionalwith v2 patch and V6 and as I am running OpenRails this works Lust fine. I just wanted to know for sure which versions these scenery update's are actually supposed to be installed to. As I said above I thought one was for V2 and the other for V6 please clarify this.

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