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Thread: My 2021 Wish List

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    Apart from the obvious RL stuff, my virtual world demands only a modest amount of stuff:
    - MLT updates for OR for some routes: Rogers Pass, Kicking Horse Pass, Shuswap, Bridge Line.
    - TS Green River updated tot OR and merged with updated MLT Soldier Summit (you may say I'm a dreamer, but I hope I'm not the only one)
    - Tonnes and tonnes of TS quality Alco, MLW, Baldwin and FM locomotives. And I'm willing to pay handsomely for them (Pleeezzz)
    - Additions to the TS MILW pack
    - BLW to move from skinning tot painting (no offense)

    You see, I'm very reasonable

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    Somewhere on the NYC Water Level Route


    I would love to see some GE U-Boats from BLW. Preferably U25B's and U50's. I'd also love to see a 1960's version of the Surfliner 2 route, back when Taylor Yard was still around.
    New York Central
    The Water Level Route....You Can Sleep

    Primarily interested in any NYC/PRR/PC era routes and stock

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    For any of the 3 or 4 Chicago based routes that have been in the making for years to make it to the files library.

    Here at home, in the railroad mayhem capital of the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qballbandit View Post
    For any of the 3 or 4 Chicago based routes that have been in the making for years to make it to the files library.
    That just might happen if I can get a little faster with TSRE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedwa15237 View Post
    My wish (and hopes) is to add a new route or 2 along New England and New York, ... one is the Boston Line, more challenging, riding over the steepest grades of the Berkshires. The other would be the Chicago Line, Selkirk (Albany) to Buffalo or further west to Chicago. the hottest streak of intermodals taking over slow freights and coal trains meeting demands for on time arrivals. I'd prefer Conrail, but it would be great to use it as an pre-merger NYC and PRR.
    I'd love to see a Boston to Selkirk route. Any time period would be fine.


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    My wishes for 2021:

    1. Completion of the RF&P from Washington all the way to milepost 0 at the bridge over the James River in Richmond;
    2. The Virginian from Deepwater to Princeton or Roanoke when it was in its heyday.
    3. C&O New River Gorge from Hinton WV to Montgomery WV or C&O Allegheny from Clifton Forge VA to White Sulphur Springs or Hinton WV
    4. Extension of the NCRR beyond Raleigh to its termination at Morehead City/Beaufort NC.
    5. Another good SAL route from Richmond to somewhere in the Carolinas.
    6. Upgrade of Jerry Sullivan's Clinchfield Kingsport and Blue Ridge subs.

    Seriously, I'll take whatever I can get. Now, I better end this before I think of something else.
    Steve Burr, PE - Clinton, MD
    Southern Serves the South

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    Hoping that Tyler Bundy will surprise us with more of his gems.
    MMC(SS), USN (Ret.)

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    I'm hoping so too!

    I think my greatest wish for an MSTS route would be some Rock Island in Illinois. Other than that, any North American route with decent trackwork and scenery is always welcomed.


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    My wish list is for proper sub-forums for Open Rails routes, Open Rails activities, Open Rails engines, Open Rails cab design, Open Rails sound design, and Open Rails rolling stock, so we can properly move discussions on 3D cabs, DDS textures, NAVS rolling stock, in-game messaging, and Include files presently posted under the Open Rails main discussion forum AND avoid argumentative re-direction of them to the MSTS sub-forums where that application and its remaining supporters has zero clue about what 3D cabs, DDS files, OR-only rolling stock producers, Include files or in-game messaging is.

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    2021 Wish List

    Top 5 Locos
    SD70ACu (CP & NS)
    C30-7 (UP)
    GP20 (UP & MILW)
    C628 (LV & D&H)
    MP15DC (UP & NS)
    Bonus - MP15AC (MILW)

    Routes (apart from the ones we're working on)
    • Anything Rock Island
    • Beaumont Hill
    • CR Water Level
    • Updated Bridgeline (from Binghamton to Delanson - Albany would be REALLY hard to do)
    • SP from Fresno to Sacramento

    In general, a crap-ton more fallen flags stuff - but hey, that's just me
    - Chris N.
    So let me get this straight. You want to fly on a magic carpet, to see the king of the potato people... and plead with him for your freedom, and you're telling me you're completely sane?

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