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Thread: Do you know that file?

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    Default Do you know that file?


    While doing some file cleaning, i found this program file "cp_mactier_trainsets_patch_1_1" with all my Mactier related files. Most important, when trying to execute it to know what it is about, it asked for a code. I tried to locate one but could not find any. I also tried the code given with the "TSN_CP_MACTIER_TRAINS", but it did not work. I contacted TS but they only gave me the code for the last one.

    My questions are: does anyone know that patch, and what it does. And from where i got it, since i look at various add-on providers and did not see it. If it is of some value, I will pay the owner for the code.

    Thanks for your help


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    Tread carefully here.... Your request is clear, but I'd suggest leaving it to identifying the source of the patch.

    If SLI/TSN wasn't the issuer of the patch, other people shouldn't be selling derivative works off of TSN's work.

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    If your mactier trainsets exe is prefaced with TSN_, then it's likely it already has the patch applied and you can simply disregard it.

    The patch had a fix for 1 service, fixes for just about every AC4400 shape file, and some texture updates for the EMDs. It also came with a replacement shape for the clay slurry tanker as the LODs were messed up and all of the car vanished at the farthest distance LOD. If the clay slurry tanker (the Omya car) shows correctly among all the LOD distances, then the patch was incorporated into the TS version of the download.

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    The file was by SLI and the serial number used was from the SLI Mactier activity pack.

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