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Thread: C40-8 W Locomotive problems.

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    Default C40-8 W Locomotive problems.

    Just wondering if anyone has informed the developers that the distributed power doesn't work. The fuse is not selectable on the back wall and the Banking Com button can't be used. Also I notice the AMP meter needle sometimes jumps around not from wheel slip but jumps all over the place both in dynamic braking and throttle. I know these old engines had transition because they are DC but this really is a bothering problem.

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    There have been some threads on the official Dovetail forums about setting these locos up. Definitely not click and go - in fact arguably more complex getting started than in Run 8!

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    There is a shopping list of faults about this locomotive on the Steam reviews, I don't generally believe everything I read on there, but, this one person seems to be quite knowledgable about it.

    Excuse the copy and paste, but, I couldn't be bothered to type it all out on here.

    And this is on the back of the British route release in TS2021 in September, WCML South, that was an utter abomination and has garnered 2 updates so far and lots of red faces at DTG Towers.

    And yet the fanbois think the sun shines out of the backsides of Jackson and Peddlesden, this is the reality of it all......And it's been going on since 2009, DON'T FORGET.

    Cheerz. Steve.

    Same old craptastic default horn
    Handbrake doesnt work
    HOTD doesnt work
    the 74V power receptacle on the stand is completely untextured
    Some minor model discrepancies, like the fan grill on the AC unit being flat, no AC unit vent in the cab, backwall close but not completely accurate, lighting in the cab, etc
    2 independent brake flow control valves for some reason
    Alerter sound isn't even remotely correct, and there isn't any visual indication of the alerter
    DID panel doesn't even show basic information
    Sounds are recycled from the AC4400
    No front brake hose, and the anglecock is in the wrong place
    No collisions on the steps, so you can run right off of them while at full speed
    No bell animation
    Horn sequencer is able to be pressed down, but no actual horn sequence plays
    Scenarios are very basic point A-B scenarios, with one involving you running around your train for no reason other than to just do it.
    It does include a lot of timetable services, however the majority of them are already existing services with the Dash 8 put in them.
    Incorrect antenna array on the roof

    I really am conflicted with how I feel about the C40-8W. It's nice to finally have something other than German content, while also having new mainline GE power to run on Sandpatch. The overall details are nice, but when you look at it further it really starts to show how badly made this locomotive is. My breaking point was the 74V receptacle being completely untextured however, as it really baffled me for a $20 locomotive to have parts that are flat out untextured. I wouldn't reccomend this locomotive in its current state, but I would reccomend picking it up if it goes on sale for $10-15.

    Something also worth noting, outside of the US the Dash 8 is roughly USD$15, while on Steam in the US its USD$20, which tips me off to maybe something fishy going on behind the scenes at DTG to try and rip the "schewpit" Americans off.

    EDIT: After a few more hours of exploring the Dash 8, it actually gets even worse. Heres a small addition to the list from what has been discovered:
    Multiple unit headlights don't work
    Brakes are very broken
    CFM gauge stays at max flow for waaay longer than it should
    Brake pipe gauge freaks out when brakes are applied/released
    When going downhill in snow, applying even a small bit of train brake causes the wheels to lock up completely
    The "jog" position on the isolation switch doesn't stay in the position
    Very clearly it was rushed to release, and the version that was released is a beta release
    The template files for the AC4400 are still in the DLC file

    EDIT 2: Another item to add to the list of things, and this one is pretty big.

    So not only does it have all the problems listed prior, it has the same exact physics as the AC4400. This means it simulates an AC traction 4400 horsepower locomotive, when in reality the C40-8W is DC traction and 4000 horsepower. This DLC is seriously a joke, 0 effort was put into it and it shouldn't have been released in it's current state.

    Wait until DTG updates it to fix all of its major flaws. Until then, its not worth the money, even on sale.
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    This DLC is seriously a joke, 0 effort was put into it and it shouldn't have been released in it's current state.

    Wait until DTG updates it to fix all of its major flaws. Until then, its not worth the money, even on sale.[/QUOTE]

    Hey, that's DTG policy. Rush it out the door ASAP with not enough or no BETA testing at all. And a UPDATE/FIX you say? "FIX" is a dirty 3 letter word at DTG. It'll never happen, or, a fix will be issued that either 1. Fixes nothing. 2. Fixes it and in turn cause 5 other things not to work that did before the update, 3. Fixes nothing while breaking more stuff that had worked. Because that's the way DTG runs the place!! Very similar to those "with the brains" at NV3 when they issue updates.

    Seems like it's more and more up to us users to fix DTG's screw ups and unfortunately many users don't have enough knowledge to fix it themselves. I for one after 8 years am still figuring out how a file is put together. Not as easy as it was with MSTS/OR. I have yet to do a repaint because of this. I did repaints all the time in MSTS/OR and Trainz. I found those easy to learn. I'm sure many have no issues with things period when it comes to repaints and fixing DTG goofs.

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    The above is why I am no longer interested in being DTG's customer. Quantity over quality. Rather than have a handful of routes that are rivet-perfect and full of things to do, they have a pile of routes that contain the bare minimum of content and activities. They have decided to chase the casual market of voracious content consumers. One sees the same mentality in a lot of the posts on the ETS2/ATS forums: people clamouring for more states, more trucks, more trailers. Any time something new drops it's a scramble to max out everything they just got and then they are demanding more before you know it. This was never the point of simulators, it's not a game to 100% to show off to other people. Any scoring was for improving your own performance and skill, any collectibles were as a fun diversion only.

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