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Thread: New Siskiyou Route Update

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    Unfortunately, Other than Cow Creek, some spots do have some scenery and buildings, Cottage Grove has some buildings but you must realize Dale is doing this by himself. I am one of his two volunteers and am basically the beta tester for any changes he makes. I have put out requests for scenery builders to help but no one has come forward to help. So we must continue to wait as Dale goes through this painstakingly slow process of creating each scenery item by himself now that his updates to tracks, signals, and AI shunting seems complete.

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    Hi Folks,

    Didn't realize that people were creating posts all over the place... Got pointed to this and others by emails from users.

    Amazing... That's all I can say... Someone runs one activity and suddenly they know all there is about the Siskiyou Route and its scenery.

    Someone actually told Vince that there isn't any scenery in the Siskiyou Route.

    I remember when I was a young lad and I was told the story about the blind man who went up and felt the elephants tail... and then went around telling everyone that an elephant is a snake... Sound familiar?

    Vegetation?... How about millions of trees along the 32 mile trip through Cow Creek Canyon.
    Structures?... Navigate over to White City and you'll find a great number.

    Guess I've wasted enough time here... Gotta get back to work on the Siskiyou Route.

    This whole thread was rather depressing... :-(
    "FREE is a very good price!"

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    Keep up the great work! No reason to have these threads get depressing. My initial inquiry was just to confirm that I did not fail to download something, that was answered very well. It amazes me that a simple question/post can get so many explaining things that were not even asked and then get very convoluted.

    Cheers to you and your small team getting this to fruition. Many have fallen by the wayside, see this through, however long it takes, lots to look forward to.

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