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Thread: BLW/ZT Troop Train Bonus - for Veterans Day - Running Late.... As Usual

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    Here is a view of each tank car in this bonus. If you look closely you can see that each has unique characteristics, as per prototype (different fonts, mostly) - this isn't just renumbering of the same cars. Two of the cars (on the bottom) are marked US Army. This was the earlier livery. In the Vietnam war era, the DODX reporting marks were introduced and painted over USAX and US Army markings. In addition there is the early tank car bonus by Rick which includes 3 more black US Army tank cars.
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    The tank cars look familiar to me as those that were on trains traveling past my home transporting JP4 from the port in Morehead City (end of the NCRR) to bases at Cherry Point MCAS, Camp Lejeune MCS, and Seymour Johnson USAF during the Vietnam War era. Once saw 100 of these tank cars behind a single SOU GP30 trying to get out of the yard. Needless to say, as the tracks ran up the median in the middle of the street, traffic was held up for quite a while until they could sort it all out and get the train out of the way.

    Would love to see the NCRR MSTS route extended the rest of the way to Morehead and the B&M to Beaufort NC. A lot of military movements (hardware, fuel and troop) took place on this route during the war, with a lot of troops and equipment moving in and out by ship from the port. Fuel came in by ship to the terminal. At one time, I remember a tanker ship caught fire at the terminal and burned for weeks in the harbor until it finally burned out. Some years later, the ship was rebuilt and returned to the terminal with fuel.
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    Hi All!

    I no longer have a working version of MSTS and was so late with this bonus, that I neglected to have it tested in MSTS. Our friend, Jim Bebenroth, discovered both a missing Fanim shape, and bounding box issues, neither of which stopped the cars from operating in OR.

    Please head over to , re-download, accept my apologies, and thank you, Jim!


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