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Thread: Rivet Games Needs Your Help! | Rivet Games 2020 Survey

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    I'm wondering if the structure of these Google-template surveys can be changed because they all seem to follow a similar style.
    I get the impression that whoever creates a form is restricted to a certain format.

    Would that be right, do you think?
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    That's true, you don't have much freedom in Google forms. But I think it does the job very well to be honest.

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    Hi, we're actually a successor to Dovetail Scotland, as many people working here has worked at Dovetail before.

    Regarding the unavailable assets: This is normal progress in Train Simulator that DTG is doing before they're publishing the content over Steam. I don't know why, because it doesn't affect to unpack the .ap files, but it doesn't hurts anyone... But if you unpack it like a .zip file and you should be able to use the assets.

    But, before publishing anything that links to Rivet Games content, please ask for permission first. Usually, we're more than happy to support you! E-mail us here:

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    You missed a question then. There's a question in the survey, that's asking if you own any Rivet Games products. If you select no, this question shouldn't appear.

    And thanks a lot for the feedback regarding multiple factors beeing equally important, we'll keep that in mind (in case we'll be doing another survey...).


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    Thanks for confirming the various issues, Jasper. For some reason I had in in my head you were connected with Thomson, which is why I answered "Yes" as I own a couple of the older RhB routes in TS20xx.

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