Static detail level was a Microsoft idea to reduce object loading 20 years ago, and that concept has been carried forward via the density setting, with a value range of 1-10.

That field has also been borrowed by Catmaster and World File Hacker for the assignment of companion shapes, and possibly by other apps as well.

For example, in Catmaster, anything with a SDL of 1 might receive catenary and wire, while a 2 would be trolley poles and wires.

In WFH, it's configurable to whatever the builder wants to use. For my routes, track sections with a SDL of 0 get a rock berm, 2 gets a bridge, 4 gets a viaduct, 5 could get either a right handed station platform or a trestle support depending on the piece, while 6 gets a left handed station platform.

I'm running into a situation where combinations of shapes might be wanted, but there aren't enough number values to accomplish this, e.g. a station platform on a viaduct with lights...

To help accommodate that, I'd like to propose allowing values higher than 10.

Between Monogame and overall improvements in GPU/memory, I really don't think too many people are using the option to reduce world object density.

Two questions:

1) Can anyone think of a reason not to allow values higher than 10?

2) Specifically to Goku, could you support this in TSRE as an override setting? TSRE currently defaults values over 10 to 10 when it writes to a W file.

(if you've seen this in Elvas, no need to comment again unless you want to)