A few minor bugs have been found that should not affect use of the

1. If you open the route in RE, there are two shapes that are in the
.ref file but not found in the route. Just okay these and move on
as they will appear in a later version. That is the only issue that
is related to the route itself.

2. If you open an activity and get a message about a missing .ace
file it will most likely be "Mtrackfrogs.ace". Although this .ace
file will wind up in the Global Textures when you install Mtracks,
a copy must also exist in the route textures directory. It is
there in the zip of the route and I have unzipped the item that
will be uploaded soon three times and not had an issue, but my
independent checker had it in his zip copy, so it is most likely
an occurrence of corruption. This .ace file appears many times
in the route.

3. The same checker had an issue with crashing to desktop when
he zoomed in or out in activity editor. I too have not seen this
and he says it has happened with other routes, so I assume it
is related to his particular install and/or settings. I will cross post
this in the route design forum.

J. H. Sullivan
(aka landnrailroader)