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Thread: Coupling Dysfunction Disorder (CDD)

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    Default Coupling Dysfunction Disorder (CDD)

    I can't always couple effectively. In particular, couple to formation is harder to do than it used to be.

    I'm doing yard switching at Cumberland Yard (Sand Patch).
    In the training module, it said hit the cars at 5 mph. That worked for quite a while. Now it sometimes works.
    I have not done exhaustive testing, but off the top it seems the trouble happens (fail to couple) when I am pushing a string of cars (say 8-10 cars) and attempting to couple them to another string of cars of about that same length.

    I have tried going slower than 5 mph. Doing so improves the success rate but doesn't guarantee it. What are the factors one must consider to be cured of CDD?


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    Make sure you are buffered up (or the US equivalent) to the consist. I've noticed a tendency for the loco to bounce back even at low speed, unless you feather a straight (air) brake application just as they touch.

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