Some of you have expressed desire for the L&N Mainline, Louisville to Nashville,
and so that will be the next route to start. I have it digitized, and I have a good
rendering of Nashville Terminal done already except that I want to add the main
structures to it. I won't be detailing Nashville other than with some basic,
generic structures, although if someone wants to be a Masochist, they might take
on the Nashville Station with the Train Shed, and the Louisville Station. Both
had similar Train Sheds which no longer exist, but the main buildings of both have
been repurposed. I'll do the Nashville terminal first and probably release that as
a separate item, or put It in the "unfinished" category. It will also be used for
1, possibly 2, other subdivisions.

I am also finishing up the track for the Eastern KY Sub. (CSX) or Division (L&N)
and in doing that, I am including the two original routes into the coal fields of
Eastern KY. The "Riney B" or Richmond, Irvine, Nicholasville & Beattyville was
part of the original route and it extended east to Beattyville, but rickety
structures, sharp curves, & heavy grades west of Irvine doomed it early. Even
so part of it's mainline is in use today between Irvine & Beattyville. The
Lexington & Eastern had a path from Winchester, KY to Jackson Ky. All of it
was gone by 1946 except that parts of it are still in use. This line was also
the construction entity that extended it's line east from Jackson, KY in 1912
to eventually reach McRoberts, the eastern extent of the division. The division
was shortened back to Neon Yard in 1950, more recently to Blackey where
the Rockhouse extension offers a connection to the C&O Big Sandy Sub. which
I also have done the track for - so far. Lastly, I'll include a separate railroad,
the O&K, "Ohio & Kentucky" which never got to Ohio. It was essentially a
logging road and also served several coal mines of "canel coal" a very soft
variety with a high oil content that was used to make gas & for home heating.
With all these lines, the idea is that activity creators can set up routes for
different eras, using the appropriate routings. The EK will have many coal
mines, both large & small operations.

The Louisville-Nashville line, historically the Main Stem, 1st & 2nd subdivisions,
is essentially a bridge route. There is one branch, the Glasgow RR. The L&N
furnished motive power and operating personnel but the line was owned by
the city of Glasgow. A 3rd subdivision branched off at Memphis Jct. which is
now a R.J. Corman operation. The Lebanon Branch swung off to the east at
Lebanon Jct. but it is now abandoned except for a few miles used by the
Kentucky Railway Museum. The Bardstown Branch is a R. J. Corman
operation. Lastly, another branch out of Gallatin, TN serves a TVA steam
plant that may already be history.

J. H. Sullivan