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Thread: Discussion: future of TS202x

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    TSW2 has that, where you can just board the train as a passenger and ride along.

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    Personally I think TS2021 has a ton of assets a great platform for route builders, several very talented modelers making content and a solid core that while dated functions in a very stable way for those with a decent computer. With a little effort one can make the sim very nice eye candy with a lot of scenarios and a huge variety of routes. This is a mature product that offers a lot to anyone not just looking for things to criticize. It isn't perfect but at this time and place taking everything into consideration it remains the best offering we have for serious simming. Just my two cents.

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    I've said it before, TSW2 only offers pretty graphics, everything else is just pants, no chance to delve under the hood, we cannot change hornsounds, enginesounds, etc, like we can in TS2021. There are far too many restrictions in the game operationally and not being able to drive/walk everywhere on every map is just unbelieveable, no other developer restricts their customers to this degree. No player can amend or edit anything, there are no plans to allow us to play the game how WE want to, and as the console market takes preference over PC users that's why this game now sucks.

    Which 3rd party developer would be allowed to reconstruct TS2021, many of them don't have the ability to do the complete job, we have so many assets, soundpacks, routes, locomotives. freightcars, from across the world, in all languages, it's impossible to achieve and nobody will be able to get everything backwards compatible, and after I've spent about £10,000 on DLC in the last 18 year's to find out that someone has screwed everything up, like they have done in Trainz, is tantamount to being hunted down, and there will be a long queue for their scalps, it 'aint going to happen.

    Cheerz. Steve.
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