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Thread: TSRE Activity Tools cannot create drop off events with cars from the player train

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    Default TSRE Activity Tools cannot create drop off events with cars from the player train

    This is a tip for activity creators.

    Here is the issue. With TSRE Activity Tools, it is possible to create an activity event (drop off cars at location), but you must select the rail cars from a static consist that will be picked up at some time before the drop off is to occur (it is not possible to select cars that were part of the player train at the beginning of the activity).

    Here is a workaround that involves using a text editor to achieve the desired effect. When performing this edit, ensure that the activity file is not concurrently open in TSRE, or any other program. First, use TSRE Activity Tools, to create the drop off event, but select the appropriate number of cars from a static consist. You could use an existing consist, or create one for this purpose and delete it after creating the drop off event. Note the code in the green text displayed in the siding box, for example "[459] Miller Quarry 2". Then save the activity, and close TSRE. Next, open the ".act" file with a text editor and search for "DropOffWagons". Check the code in the last SidingItem to ensure you have located the intended event. You should see something similar to the sample shown below (you will not see line numbers; these have been inserted in the sample, so I can refer to relevant lines):

    01 EventCategoryAction (
    02 EventTypeDropOffWagonsAtLocation ( )
    03 ID ( 1 )
    04 Activation_Level ( 1 )
    05 Outcomes ( )
    06 Name ( Drop0 )
    07 Wagon_List (
    08 UiD ( 2147483659 )
    09 SidingItem ( 4294967295 )
    10 Description ( "" )
    11 UiD ( 2147483660 )
    12 SidingItem ( 4294967295 )
    13 Description ( "" )
    14 UiD ( 2147483661 )
    15 SidingItem ( 4294967295 )
    16 Description ( "" )
    17 )
    18 SidingItem ( 459 )
    19 )

    In this example, three cars are to be dropped off. You need to change the car number in the UiD in lines 08, 11, and 14. Suppose you expect to drop off cars 0-14, 0-15, and 0-16 from the player train. Omit the "0-" when changing the car numbers. The result should look like this:

    08 UiD ( 14 )

    11 UiD ( 15 )

    14 UiD ( 16 )

    After saving your changes, and closing your text editor, get Open Rails running, then start your activity. You should now see the desired cars in the work orders.

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    Very good tip.
    I'm also trying to understand how to create the same event but involving cars of an AI train, meaning a workorder which asks the player to drop off cars after having taken them from an AI train (the AI train is supposed to spawn at a certain time according to the traffic schedule)

    Have you gone already through this?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Diegron View Post
    Have you gone already through this?
    I may have done something similar in "LN18 - Switching Duties (Corbin-Knoxville)" ( -- In this activity, an AI train pulls into a yard, drops off a string of cars, then parks on a nearby siding. The player must then pick up some of those cars before starting off.

    Dan Reid

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